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Wanted: parts and sails for T27 near Lynchburg
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Hello tartan owners,

My wife and I have recently acquired a tartan 27.  She had been on the bottom for a spell so I've had my hands full down below starting with replacing part of the cabin soul.  I put a reflective barrier and insulation throughout down below pulled the atomic four and am in the process of installing a weaster beak 10 2 along with a new fuel tank (bigger), cockpit drains and finally recoring large portions of the deck. 

I build aluminum boats for a living so none of these tasks  have been very daunting plus it's a pleasure to work on such a well built old boat.  That being said I have gotten to the rigging portion and there are many things that I need.  I believe that I have all the components to my standing rig I am missing perhaps many maybe just a few of the running rig components (still waiting on a mystery bag from previous owner).  I know I need spreaders so I guess I don't have the total standing rig. My wife and I are planning on taking the boat and our four children for two week beach trip in July and I'm hoping to have all missing components accounting for by the end of June. 

I'm looking for old sails not terribly concerned about condition as long as their usable for general recreation use inland.  Are there any tartan 27 owners close to lynchburg?  We spend a lot of time sailing on smith mountain lake and would love to see everything put together.  I know this boats reputation and intend to take it out to the blue water she needs many more modifications and upgrades but I've got to start somewhere.  By the way I also have a triple axel trailer for which to tow the old girl on.  Look forward to hearing back from you.


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